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Black Ops 2 DLC to be revealed soon by Treyarch

Black Ops 2 DLC to be revealed soon by Treyarch

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Previously, we discovered a leaked image from an unannounced downloadable content pack for Black Ops 2. With the information delivered through this image, this supposed downloadable content would provide users with a total of four brand new competitive multiplayer maps, one new map for the popular zombies mode, and an additional weapon. You can take a look below to view the leaked image that is being referred to, which showcases the Revolution Map Pack for Black Ops 2.


With this information being displayed across the inter-webs, Treyarch has still not commented on the information that was leaked through this image. But, Treyarch has decided to give us a little heads up on a future announcement regarding downloadable content for Black Ops 2. With this being said, Treyarch has delivered the following message through their official Twitter account.


No matter what you’ve got planned for New Year’s Eve, make sure to stay safe. We’ll see you in the new year with some news about DLC.


Fans of Black Ops 2 should expect to see an official announcement for the Revolution Map Pack very soon. Currently, we do not have an official date for when Treyarch will make this announcement, but we will be sure to update you as news develops.


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