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New ‘GTA 5’ radio appearance confirmed by artist

New ‘GTA 5’ radio appearance confirmed by artist

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While major details regarding the upcoming “GTA 5” are scarce, today we have uncovered a small piece of information regarding the game, but many fans may also find this information interesting. Rockstar Games is known to implement a variety of radio stations into titles within the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise, as “GTA 5” will be no different.


In regards to the radio stations that will be provided through “GTA 5,” we have uncovered that DJ Kavinsky has confirmed that he will be appearing in the game on the radio station known as NightRide FM.

DJ Kavinsky is no stranger to the “Grand Theft Auto” franchise, as one of his remixes appeared in “GTA IV.” Kavinsky’s work also appeared in Hollywood last year, as he scored the movies “Drive” and “The Lincoln Lawyer.” Additionally, fans of “GTA 5” can take a look at the slide-show listed above this article, which features screenshots taken from this title.

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  • Ryan

    Why is GTA 5 listed under PC?
    Seeing how they did GTA4 and how they snubbed us PC users by not bringing Red Dead Redemption to us, do you seriously think GTA5 is coming to the PC?

    There are other open world games available.
    Please do not tag GTA5 under PC thanks.

    • charles trolinski

      Get over it you whiny little asshat. GTAV is coming to PC so the writer of this article has every right to list it under PC, as well. Oh but wait just because you’re upset about how rockstar ‘treats’ you… their games shouldn’t be listed under PC even though they are coming to PC. You sir are the king of logic! BEHOLD!