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Rockstar Games releases five news screenshots for ‘GTA 5’

Rockstar Games releases five news screenshots for ‘GTA 5’

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Yesterday, Rockstar Games decided to provide fans of “GTA 5” a little holiday surprise, as they have released a total of five brand-new gameplay screenshots from this title. As can be seen in the side-show featured above this article, these new screenshots for “GTA 5” provides fans with a glimpse of a few features in this title that have not been spoken on by Rockstar.


As seen in the first screenshot listed, it appears that sharks will be implemented into the “GTA 5.” This screenshot features a character swimming at the surface of the sea, as a shark e is swimming below, at a greater depth. Another feature that is displayed in the screenshot, is the fact that the character is wearing some type of scuba gear, which includes an oxygen supply. Tf this screenshot represents any functionality within actual gameplay, fans can expect sharks to pose a threat within the seas of “GTA 5.”


Another screenshot shown above displays one of the protagonist in “GTA 5” riding with his pet rottweiler in the passenger seat. This is the same dog that appeared in the most recent trailer for “GTA 5,” so it appears that Rockstar Games is pushing an unannounced feature that involves the use of pets in “GTA 5.”


The presence of submarines has also been showcased within these new screenshots. As can be seen in the third screenshot above, Rockstar shows off a submarine within “GTA 5,” in the process of being submerged within the sea. It is to be assumed that submarines will be a functional vehicle in this title.

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