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‘Minecraft’ pre-release 1.4.6 is out, full update hits tomorrow

‘Minecraft’ pre-release 1.4.6 is out, full update hits tomorrow

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Previously announced by Mojang, update 1.4.6 is scheduled to be released for “Minecraft” very soon. With the release of this update, Mojang will be providing players with a variety of new features for this title, in addition to fixing various issues that have been causing problems to users. In preparation for this update, Mojang has now released the 1.4.6 pre-release.


From the information given, this update provides fixes for issues within the game, as well as providing content to prepare “Minecraft” for the release of update 1.4.6. As provided on the official website for Mojang, you can view the features that will be added with update 1.4.6 below.


It’s time to pre-release the next Minecraft update! Dinnerbone has fixed a couple of more issues since the 12w50b snapshot, as well as adding a sound indicator when you hit players with arrows in player versus player!

To summarize 1.4.6:

Added fireworks
Added enchantable books
A lot of enchantments have been tweaked
A Christmas surprise
Many issues have been fixed!

We intend to release 1.4.6 on Thursday, December 20!


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