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‘Halo 4’ Crimson Map Pack gets introduced to the 14 Day – Buy and Play program

‘Halo 4’ Crimson Map Pack gets introduced to the 14 Day – Buy and Play program

When “Halo 4” initially launched, 343 Industries conducted a special event for multiplayer users that allowed early players to gain access to unique items within the game. With the release of the first downloadable content for “Halo 4,” which is entitle The Crimson Map Pack, 343 Industries has decided to push another event into effect. The Crimson Map Pack has now officially been introduced to the “14 Day – Buy and Play” program for “Halo 4” players.

As displayed on Halo Waypoint, “Halo 4” players will now have the ability to access the Crimson Map Pack free for a 14 day time-frame.

Many of you participated in our “14 Day – Buy and Play” program, a special offer that granted early access to six Specializations. As part of that program, we are providing complimentary access to the Crimson Map Pack for a limited time (through Tuesday, December 18 at 9am UTC/GMT). At that time, the complimentary limited access to the Crimson Map Pack will close, and “14 Day – Buy and Play” program participants will no longer be able to access the content for online play (please note anybody who has already purchased the Crimson Map Pack or owns the Halo 4 Map Pass or Limited Edition will not be impacted and will continue to have access to the content after the complimentary access period ends).

If you enjoy the new maps and would like to continue playing on them after that date, the Crimson Map Pack can be purchased through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 MS Points, or via purchase of the War Games Map Pass. We hope you’re enjoying the special Crimson Map Pack preview, and we’ll see you on the (new!) virtual battlefields.


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